Vulnerability Management

Systematically review security weaknesses in information systems.

Adepto provides а precise analysis of current risks in your IT environment.

Find the weak spots in your IT infrastructure

Adepto maps the vulnerabilities of your systems and provides data on how to build a cybersecurity strategy against threats

Insight Information

Updated cyber score of all the systems can help you prioritize on how to solve vulnerabilities.

Security of every layer and entire visibility of most critical issues in the cloud

When making a security assessment, it’s important to have a shared view and common language of every possible attack vector that could be exploited in a data breach.

Multiple metrics

Learn how your anti-malware, backup, firewall, VPN, disk encryption, and NTLM scores against cyber attacks

NIST and ITAR certified

In response to the Cybersecurity Frameworks improving the security aspect of your machines

Proactive approach

Provide accountability, demonstrate live data, and solve issues related to your infrastructure

Vulnerability Management Features

Security assessment and scoring mechanisms for your machines. An algorithm identifies security gaps in the IT environment and calculates real-time protection.




Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Disk encryption

Network security

Vulnerability Management Lifecycle


Proactive vulnerability scanning in the corporate network


Prioritization based on your company's risks


Tactical, strategic, and operational reporting, and trends analysis.


Coordination, activity monitoring, and follow-up remediation plan

With Adepto you can

Stay on the edge of the business, assuring you have protection against essential risks

Locate and remediate threats across all your endpoints, cloud, and virtualized infrastructure.

View and improve your risk factor in real-time, assisting your IT and DevOps teams




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