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"The Adepto Team will continue to implement its services rapidly with commitment and dedication to our clients in these times of uncertainty. We continue our high level of professional services providing availability for full steam ahead. "

CTO of Adepto

Adepto's Measures

for COVID-19

We (@Adepto) are taking very seriously the situation with Covid-19. Since day 1 of the corona virus in the USA we have launched our global business continuity plan (BCP) and started a procedure for supporting massive numbers of people required to Work from Home and implementing medical and protective measures as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the regional and local public health authorities, and medical recommendations provided by our medical consultant. In such challenging times we at Adepto consider the health and safety of our employees, partners and customers our main priority. We are committed to taking all critical actions to combat this sudden threat. We believe business should continue to run smoothly and that is why our mission is to support you with best digital practices and help you rapidly adapt. If you enforce remote office working for first time and want to keep up an excellent level of performance, we are here to enhance your digital workplace.

Assisting Your Office to become Digital

Eliminate uncertainty with an efficient and dedicated workplace in the cloud, where team-collaboration focuses on effectiveness and best practices, while providing connected business applications.

  1. We provide a complimentary introduction consultation covering the most critical forms of maintaining remote performance
  2. We provide a Digital workplace where you maintain the operations of your key functions, and we provide you key services on a continuous basis
  • An Online face-to-face collaboration environment – Webex Teams    
  • Enable creativity, organization and consolidation – Office 365
  • Provide Virtual desktop & applications as a service or more in the background – DaaS
  • Keep data reliable – OneDrive, Veeam & Acronis

3. We provide Security, Support and Independence

  • Stay safe in a secure environment
  • Be fully operational and productive as usual at the office
  • Receive assistance by IT professionals
  • Perform your work functions from any device

Virtual Remote Protected Workspace

With the current pandemic, the Adepto solution goes beyond the corporate network and provides protection on a next level. Access your critical business applications and challenge the competitors, while implementing an agile, secure and reliable environment for all users. Access your business applications from your BYOD device

  • Morning tasks can be handled as flexible as your morning coffee – enjoy doing them from a protected digital workplace   
  • Connect, create and revise documents and statistics from a centralized management interface
  • Keep high level security and handle your critical applications from the cloud 
  • Safe space for backup – Keep your data available 24/7    

Stay on the communication track with colleagues, partners and clients remotely 

No need for extra efforts to have home devices compliant with corporate security policy

Continue your relationship with your customers digitally, providing them best services. Stay efficient and contribute to their results.

With our digital environment, you can:

  • Consult on either your services and/or products    
  • Organize meetings and provide support to clients and colleagues
  • Streamline business processes remotely

We can provide a presence and onboard your organization in 48 hours

  • Provide 24/7 a secure and reliable environment – Manage your tasks in a highly protected centralized area while achieving your objectives
  • BYOD Enablement – Get access from everywhere
  • Flexible Payment Model - Elastic IT that adapts according to your requirement

Virtual Workspace for Real Results

We can assist you to organize and present digital events where attendees

participate from remote locations. Achieve the same results as you would in

person and in the office

By providing the Virtual Workspace as a managed service, we will assist with: 

  • The event invitation with the corresponding information on how to connect
  • Specialized HD video and audio conferencing equipment for the host
  • Assistance running the event
  • Keep everyone in the loop

Instead of postponing or canceling events, plan your meetings in a virtual

space. Real-time collaboration has never been so easy from anywhere and on any device, achieving efficiency and productivity. We believe you can perform successfully and we are here to assist you achieving your objectives


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