Backup as a Service

Safety and accessibility for your data, running in the cloud for every piece of data. Even critical. Free consultation from Adepto can enhance your data.

Infrastructure Protection in the Cloud

Data lost because of system failures, human error, or hackers can be devastating for your business. Safeguard your company's lifeblood and benefit your employees regardless of the device.

Adepto Backup-as-a-service powered by Acronis and VeeamĀ® solutions helps small and mid-sized companies to save time, money, and resources and protect valuable information. Adepto provides turnkey solution setups with almost no interference with system performance.

Benefits of data backup

Keeping and protecting your backup data

Real-time data protection is stored across different storage nodes

Observing and managing your backups

Consistent monitoring to ensure that your data is available no matter what

Flexible Pay-as-you-Go method

You pay only for the compute, storage and infrastructure actually utilised

Nowadays Data is the new gold. From critical systems to everyday applications, your information should be available at any moment

End Devices Backup

Backup protection for end devices including:

Receive complete protection 24/7/365 for mobile and desktop users
Secure everything in transparent steps
Provide complete protection for 20+platforms with one solution

End Devices

Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Linux, Android

Virtual Machines Backup

Backup of virtual machines including:

Save time and shorten backup Windows
Improve scalability and operational efficiencies while managing enterprise environments
Automatically verify the recoverability of your data

Virtual Machines

Process & System virtual machines
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