Six Cybersecurity trends you should be aware of – infographic

Six Cybersecurity trends you should be aware of – infographic

If the year is 1998, a data breach would be important news. In the Internet era data breaches and incidents become common occurrences – because of malicious intent or unprotected data. While reading this, someone somewhere right now is struggling from a cyber-attack. Recent reports from different vendors depict a broad spectrum of weakening Cybersecurity. Cybersecurity challenges will remain an issue for corporations. 

Cybercriminals will continue to target remote professionals and corporations with a remote workforce, and as a logical step, cloud breaches will increase. Criminals have become more sophisticated in their attacks, and it’s getting harder for businesses to mitigate these attacks.

In the infographic below, we summarized six trends in cyber-security and managed services which you should be aware of: 

cybersecurity trends infographic
Six Cybersecurity trends – infographic
  1. According to Gartner, the worldwide information security market is forecast to reach $170.4 billion in 2022.
  2. The average time to identify a breach in 2020 was 207 days (IBM)
  3. Cisco reports that Data Privacy has become a top area of responsibility for Security professionals, with 34% of survey respondents indicating Privacy is one of their core competencies and responsibilities.
  4. 90% of remote code execution attacks are associated with crypto-mining (Purplesec
  5. 163 Zettabytes of data will be created in 2025, which is ten times more in 2016. IDC forecasts that by 2025 the global annual size of created data will grow to 163 zettabytes
  6. 27% of COVID-19 cyberattacks target banks or healthcare organizations and COVID-19 is credited for a 238% rise in cyberattacks on banks in 2020. (Fintech News)

Navigating in the complex world of data, each enterprise requires complete data backup and reliable Protection. More and more reports share common trends about increasing IT company costs, including exploit prevention, forensic backup, and Zero downtime finalization. 

Successful companies can protect their brand identity at a reasonable cost, without risking their future. Be one of them. 

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