How Coronavirus impacted the tech companies

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Because of the coronavirus outbreak, business leaders have reorganized their supply chains, set up remote operations, and made tough financial decisions. This is what an Executive Briefing from the consultancy company McKinsey shares with the public. 

According to PWC guidance regarding the COVID-19 (coronavirus), all industries should consider mutual changes in their IT infrastructure. 

This article will overview how the pandemic impacted the tech industry and sketch 5 takeaways. 

  1. Remote is the new normal and changes the whole IT operation processes.

From communications to the IT environment, every point in the supply chain is changed. VPNs become a regular policy for every company with remote access. 

  1. Payment flexibility assists the tech sector to overcome some of the challenges. 

COVID-19 did an enormous stress test for all industries and their financial balance. Where some of the sectors and most of all SaaS (software-as-a-service) companies have a chance to overcome financial dependence by flexible payment models. BYOD policies and desktop-as-a-service solutions facilitated adaptable feedback to the financial strength of most corporations around the world. Adapting such technologies and kinds of thinking will boom after the pandemic.

  1. Data cloud acceleration is the new normal.

With all the remote work and constant need for backups, the flexibility & security provided by the cloud will encourage more companies to go to the cloud. Companies are looking for their “safe space” solutions where their data will be 24/7 available and highly protected.  

  1. Automation will increase its performance.

More and more companies invest in automation tools for backup, delivery, and service support in their infrastructure. With the continuous adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics process automation (RPI), tech brands will provide ingenious services, pumping up numbers in productivity and scalability. 

  1. DaaS as a solution for remote work

According to Remote Report 2020, 20% of the interviewed participants show challenges in collaboration and communication working remotely. Where DaaS and all virtual workplace platforms can reinforce, is with an efficient and dedicated workplace in the cloud. 

The current pandemic will continue to challenge global business leaders from all sectors. Otherwise, the tech sector will strive to provide critical support and boost their effort for a better world starting from today. 

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