Five questions for prominent data backup in SMBs (updated)

Data is the blood of your company – millions of rows with essential data. Quantities of products sold, employees left, several years of company history day by day till now. I can imagine everything is stored online or on-premise, and you think I can not lose it. Everything is safe.

Are you sure? Do you remember the last time when the backup failed, and you slept in the office because of that? It can be devastating.

WD HDD cut on half  with lost data backup
WD HDD cut on half with lost data backup

Are you looking for a reliable solution?  

When you consider backup technology for your enterprise, make sure to collect information on the following questions: 

What information do you collect from end-point devices? Answering this will lead you to a backup strategy on how often you should do a backup. 

How does a backup help you solve operational challenges in the next 6 to 9 months? Maybe in your production department, it’s troublesome to keep information devices updated, or your employees often lose their devices, both ways can be resources loose.

Is your data protected?

Do you know when was your last backup and was it successful? Most of the enterprises undervalue the monitoring of all backup activities and decide that picking up between a locally stored physical backup and backing up in the cloud is enough. Keep three copies of your data on two media types, with one copy stored at a separate location. 

What is the financial impact that you will be mitigating? How likely is it that your particular backup solution can have a problem? How much data can you afford to lose? When you define some of your business and technical requirements above will get a precise picture of how to protect your backup from failure.  

How frequently should the data be protected? What amount of money can you afford to lose? How often can you be without your data? Defining the processes of frequency will clear how critical the data you work with is. Typical practice is to back up an entire system or multiple systems, data and databases, network files, and other significant systems. 

Those are some of the questions you should consider before finding a partner for backup. The value of your data is enormous to underestimate backups.

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Adepto USA is a US entity, part of the Lirex group based in the European Union, and it’s highly skilled in Desktop-as-a-Service, IT Management, & Backup-as-a-Service solutions. Adepto USA has all the capabilities to provide proven methods for managing and supporting all sizes of companies and providing reliable, proven successful IT practices. Located in Princeton, NJ Adepto positions itself as a trusted partner for chemical, manufacturing, educational, and government sectors. 

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