Culture of working from everywhere – how DaaS provides it

Adepto USA is US entity, part of the Lirex group based in EU, and it’s highly skilled in Desktop-as-a-Service, IT Management, & Backup-as-a-Service solutions. Adepto USA has all the capabilities to provide proven methods for managing and supporting all sizes of companies and providing reliable, proven successful IT practices. Being located in Princeton, NJ Adepto positions itself as a trusted partner for chemical, manufacturing, educational, and government sectors.

Do you remember last time when you had an important job to do outside of the office and because that you have two options – to get a vacation leave or working from home for part of the time. Both ways you lose time. Or maybe you are the company CIO and want to scale up your business from an administrative point of view. 

Ladies and Gents, welcome DaaS! 

Find five reasons why you should consider Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) as a knowledgable option for your company. 

BYOD policy lower up-front costs when bringing a new employee on board. Users can have access from any device anywhere 24/7. In this case, a virtual desktop can be accessed from any device – from tablet to smartphone, allowing maximum productivity. 

Image: Person working on a laptop – source

Cost-effectiveness and simplified IT infrastructure. In this case, you needn’t purchase additional devices, because DaaS provides a flexible payment model & elastic IT based on your needs. Imagine you should manage between 50 to 250 VMs every month and another 300 machines by planning upfront costs to the exact financial point. It can be exhausting. 

Don’t forget about security and accessible UI

Security is a King. Most issues employees find when they want to work from home are connected with data loss and steal. By DaaS, this issue is settled by centrally stored data and security policies enforced through a centralized management interfacе. This way from your information is encrypted and protected against attacks. Many times security policies can be overwhelming and break the line between productivity and efficiency. 

Cloud-Enabled environment. Presently every one goes into the cloud as well as your data. Why not considering creating, build, and store everything valuable in the cloud without thinking for backup? That way will get secure access from any device, working from home, and the urge for constructive change. 

Simplified and Accessible UI. I know it isn’t pleasant to switch from one UI to another and lose time learning the same application because of the device used. That’s why DaaS keep the same accessible UI for business applications. From Office 365 up to AutoCad or Outlook. 

Yes, DaaS it’s not a magic pill, but its pross give agility to manage your infrastructure and employees, giving them more trust. 

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