3 principles to keep up to implementing DaaS

What to consider when choosing Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Adepto USA is a US entity, part of the Lirex group based in the EU, and it’s highly skilled in Desktop-as-a-Service, IT Management, & Backup-as-a-Service solutions. Adepto USA has all the capabilities to provide proven methods for managing and supporting all sizes of companies and providing reliable, proven successful IT practices. Being located in Princeton, NJ Adepto positions itself as a trusted partner for chemical, manufacturing, educational, and government sectors.

Very often employees and management have their disagreements on how an IT infrastructure should be managed in the long term.  Besides corporate policies for security and operational activities in the factories and enterprises, all the time-changing tasks give alarms. 

IBM has its definition explained very well: “The DaaS model is a way of delivering complete virtual desktop environments to users including operating systems, applications, files and user preferences from the cloud. The desktops run in virtual machines hosted on computing, storage, and network infrastructure managed by the cloud provider. Users can access their desktop environment from a wide variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and some smartphones.”

In Adepto we provide Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) keeping in mind three principles for our clients: 

Principle #1: Collect all information needed before setting up the client environment.

The development and implementation of DaaS bring challenges from day 0. Imagine the objective to build a foundation to harmonize the way third-parties access the customer environment, facilitate customer’s new merge and acquisition integration, and also be a basis for future Desktop virtualization to customer end-users. For such digital disruption, it comes with technical challenges like fool desktop experience on various platforms, capacity planning, secure & controlled access to the customer environment, and many more. As a result, understanding the overall process and final customer’s challenge is key to a successful project. 

DaaS on your iPhone? – why not? Source:

Principle #2: People-centric approach

By that I mean focus almost entire activities on how your employees interact with the systems and perform their duties. So besides the economic approach for desktop-as-a-service, such a system should be built for your operators. Maybe your team has its working principles and behaviors on how to do its job. So your IT Manager in the powerplant prefers to check systems from its phone while drinking ints morning coffee or manage the factory infrastructure from a tablet while shopping. By BYOD policy (bring your device) people-centric approach is possible. For example, Adepto DaaS is built for IT managers from production and manufacturing plants to CIOs from financial and IT brands who hold security and efficiency as their highest priorities. This way they are providing instant access to their infrastructure in the cloud. 

Principle #3: 

Data goes to the cloud and will stay there in the future. I know your concern about how unguarded data can be. What protects it is the centralized data center where centrally stored Data and the security policies are enforced through a centralized management interface. For better security choose DaaS provider with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) & NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) certification. That’s how you will know your information and virtual machines are appropriately defended. 

Implementing DaaS has its benefits from better mobility and efficiency up to cost-effectiveness. 

Adepto team can help with free consultation what are the benefits of implementing DaaS in your IT infrastructure. Reach out to us now.

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